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About Wall Money

Wall Money developing a core modular banking as a service platform that provides cutting edge functionality for an integrated crypto and retail banking system, including: crypto accounts/wallets, FIAT current accounts, consumer lending, mortgages and more.

About Wall Money

Wall Money believes the integration and delivery of financial services is changing as new channels, products and partnerships are being explored, and the powerful flexibility of Banking as a Service (BaaS) becomes a better alternative than banks.

The Wall Money BaaS platform will be able to serve almost any financial need for anyone qualified. In recent times we also noted that banks are considering collaborating with fintech companies like Wall Money so as to not lose out on the opportunity in the value chains that make these fintech banks so powerful.

Wall Money Banking as a Service

Wall Money provides the following services:

Online Money Services

Wall Money Online Services provides fast and secure transfers 24/7 in FIAT or crypto currency.

Virtual Money

Wall Money’s digitzed FIAT services is used for procurment and transactions globally.

POS Terminal

POS Terminal

Wall Money’s POS devices offers world-class, cost-effective payment solutions to vendors and customers.

Hardware Wallets

Wall Money’s universal safe storage of crypto; digitized assets, commodities, metals, fiat; financial instruments and stable tokens.

Crypto Cards

Wall Money’s prepaid crypto-card for online payments, ATM, NFC payments.

Lending as a Service

Wall Money’s solution to trade and asset finance, built on transparent P2P platform.

Crypto Integrated Digital Banking Model

Digital Banking

Wall Money’s Crypto Integrated Digital Banking Model is a BaaS (Banking as a Service) platform with a seamless integration and transacting with cryptocurrencies, virtual currencies, tokens, FIAT as well as digitized commodities and tradable digitized assets.

The Wall Money’s banking model is offering a compliant, game-changing affordable solution that will enable our clients to supply an actual new world digital experience to their customers on any device of their choice, anywhere and, at any time.

Wall Money Network

Interaction between Wall Money network and services flowchart:

Digital Banking

Core Crypto and FIAT Banking

Wall Money is developing an integrated, modular, core banking system that will provide revolutionary seamless critical functionality for crypto integrated retail banking, including: FIAT and crypto accounts, hardware device support and debit cards, consumer lending, mortgages and more.

Inital Wall Money application will include the following services:

  • management of crypto accounts
  • hardware wallet connection
  • management of crypto; digitized assets, commodities, metals, fiat; financial instruments and stable tokens
  • merchant services and POS terminals
  • crypto cards
Core Bank

"Wall Money’s Banking as a Service platform has everything you need on your smartphone, tablet or computer to make payments, transfers, currency exchange, instant loans anytime anywhere."

Michael Loubser

Hub modular system

Wall money is Open source software built with the idea of modularity. You can import or create any module using Wall Money's Hub. This Hub holds a variety of useful functionality for Wall money’s application. Build your own needs in this application and contribute to the community.

Cloud Solution
  • Open Source
  • Payment solutions
  • Digital trading
  • Exchange
  • Card management

Wall Money services API

Wall Money provides API connections and documentation, which supports your needs in other software. We are open to integrate services for 3rd party software. Integrate with us and get access to financial services and tools.

Decentralized financial services secure, cost effective, instant transacting anytime anywhere.

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Wall Money POS Terminal

GPRS/Wifi/LAN or even offline POS Terminal Solution

Digital Banking

Wall Money is a leading payments technology company with unique capability to power global integrated FIAT, crypto and digital assets transacting on a single platform. Wall Money offers clients a comprehensive collection of products and services globally, delivered through a single provider. We are expanding into high-growth markets, verticals and customer segments, including global eCommerce, crypto and FIAT integrated payments and a comprehensive B2B financial services suite.

Wall Money is also an innovative global provider of electronic payment solutions using smart POS devices, offering world-class, cost-effective and superior transacting services.

Wall Money’s unique crypto and FIAT integrated platform brings acquirers closer to their merchants, and merchants closer to their customers.

It is an open ecosystem that combines multiple apps, payment services and a multi-vendor option on smart POS devices. Our decentralised payments platform eliminates obstacles, and helps acquirers streamline the complex payment landscape with a single integration and access to a comprehensive suite of blockchain-based, back office reporting tools for enhanced control and flexibility.

POS Terminal Services

Wall Money’s POS Terminal Services

POS Terminal picture

POS Services

POS Services



Designed for merchants and store sales to process transactions in multiple currencies.



Check available balances of accounts using crypto cards or mobile NFC.



Securely stored crypto, digitized fiat, assests, commodities and others in Wall Money Wallets.



World wide funds transfer built on Smart contract functionality and Blockchain network.


On - the - spot KYC

GDPR compliant, Blockchain based KYC done on the spot.


Bill Payments

Facilitating any type of payment such as utilities, mobile service providers even cash payments.



Exchange connected to Ping Exchange platform.



Pusrchase pre paid services with the following features: Airtime/Mobile Credit, Electricity, Vouchers.


Crypto / Cash Out

Buy and sell crypto on the spot even for cash.



Purchase or order services with the following Features: Order Taxi/Uber/Hopin, Public Transport Tickets, Loyalty Programs, Barcode Scan - Product information, Insurance, Investments, Loans, Meal Tickets, Create Crypto Wallet (NFC data upload).


Micro Finance

Access to quick cash with KYC and verification process.


Scan & Buy

Connected to TokToKey platform for buying products and services.


Cash Up

Allows merchants full cash up reports for daily sales and individual user cash ups.



Print out for all services including receipts, invoices, On demand payments, vouchers, etc.

Hardware Wallet

Wall Money is integrated with hardware wallet technologies


Reassurance of your accounts with secure private keys stored within your hardware wallet allowing you to always be in control of your funds


A singular device allowing you to store Crypto, digitized FIAT, assets, commodities, metals and tokens

Hardware Wallet picture


Hardware wallets connect you to the blockchain network which decreases the vulnerability of hacked servers and/or accounts

Ease of Use

Pin based login with modern encryption process on a singular platform making the login process simple, fast and secure

Crypto Card

A plastic or virtual prepaid card for digital money

The use of crypto as an alternative currency is growing fast. The reality of Wall Money's crypto cards is just one more addition to a fast-growing crypto community that is set to cause a major wave in the world on how we will do our day to day spending. With a Wall Money Crypto Card any payment is possible, even fund your card with cash at one of our POS Terminals and transact online anywhere any time in Crypto, FIAT or trade in digital assets.

Wall Money Model

Wall Money’s Crypto Card will be just like any other debit card that can be used at selected ATMs or point of sale (POS) devices. On using it, the platform draws from a cryptocurrency wallet via a linked Wall Money Virtual Money account. So, whenever a user does a transaction using a crypto card, the amount of crypto coins needed is automatically exchanged for FIAT currency and sent to the merchant. This process is seamless, and the user won’t even notice it.

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